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Advertising (on web site and mobile app)

If you are a retailer and would like to list your products on, please consider joining our AmmoSeek Certified Retailer program.

If you are interested in banner advertising on or within our Android/IOS mobile app, please contact us to let us know which placement you choose. The rates below are subject to change at any time. You also may be interested in utilizing our email advertising opportunities.

Each website ad slot is open to two advertisers, each of whom will get 50% exposure, statistically speaking, in that slot. Also, when you rent an advertising slot, you may provide two banners (of equal sizes), and each banner will receive equal exposure.

Each mobile ad slot is open to a single advertiser. There are four slots that appear at the bottom of the app and rotate randomly as the app is used. Only a single ad is displayed in the app at any given time, giving your ad no other "competition" while your ad is displayed unlike our website advertising where a number of ads appear on each page.

Retail Ad Rates

Monthly prices are listed below. Longer-term discounts are available on the following basis:

Term Discount
6 months 5%
12 months 10%
For further details, feel free to contact us.

For banners on the main AmmoSeek page (

Top of page banner (500x50px) $250/month  Sorry, not available at this time
Top of left sidebar (185x65px) $225/month  Available
Top of right sidebar (185x65px) $225/month  Available
Center of right sidebar, above the fold (185x65px) $225/month  Available
Special Large, Bottom of right sidebar, (200x300) $500/month  Available
Center of page, below search form, left side (185x65px) $225/month  Available
Center of page, below search form, right side (185x65px) $225/month  Sorry, not available at this time
Bottom/center, above "Disclaimer" text (500x50px)  $225/month  Available
For banners on query results page (for example)
Above search results on left (185x65px) $230/month  Available
Above search results on right (185x65px) $230/month  Available
Within search results 6 lines down from top (500x50px) $230/month  Sorry, not available at this time
Within search results 12 lines down from top (500x50px)  $230/month  Available
Within search results 18 lines down from top (500x50px)  $230/month  Sorry, not available at this time
For mobile app banner ads (for example)
Mobile Ad #1 (640x100) $215/month Available
Mobile Ad #2 (640x100) $215/month Sorry, not available at this time
Mobile Ad #3 (640x100) $215/month Available
Mobile Ad #4 (640x100)  $215/month Available
We accept credit card payments and mailed checks.
  • If you're curious about the amount of traffic AmmoSeek receives, we receive 3-5 million unique visitors each year. Here is our site traffic from Google Analytics.

  • Banner ads must look professional and be provided to us. We aren't in the business of banner ad creation. There are many online services that charge a nominal fee for designing professional banner ads. Animated banner ads are not permitted. We must approve of all ad images prior to them being published. We reserve the right to reject any ad image we deem inappropriate.
  • For each ad location the ad will remain fixed in that location for the duration of the payment period. Ad fees are not refundable unless the AmmoSeek team decides to no longer display a particular ad, in which case a pro-rated refund may be given.
  • More than a single ad location per advertiser per page/type will not be accepted. For example, a single advertiser wishing to purchase two main page ads in different banner ad locations, will not be permitted. However, an advertiser may purchase both ad spots in a given location to receive full run (100% impressions) in that location.

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